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Swimsuit Models:

  Charity Hodges
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Swimsuit Models:

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Charity Hodges – Micro Bikini

Charity Hodges in Micro Bikini
Charity Hodges

  Bikinis Models DVD Charity's presence in a micro bikini is a work of art. Hodges is in the elite class of exotic beach women. When you combine Charity Hodges with sunlight, ocean water, beach sand, and a delicate micro bikini then you get these beautiful pictures and a video to go along with it. We feature Charity Hodges in another micro bikini in the Tropic Calendar Volume 1 & 2 Bikinis Models DVD. Preview sample DVD footage of Charity Hodges.

If you suddenly found yourself interested in viewing more micro bikini pictures then please take a look at more Tropic Calendar pics of girls in string bikinis.

Order your Bikinis Models DVD today or preview more models in our bikini models gallery.  You can find Charity Hodges Banners here.



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